Illustration as Design as Illustration is a course I teach at the School of Visual Arts in New York. Below is a short informational video.


The class takes place on Thursday evenings from 6: 00 - 9:30 pm.

To get more details and sign up for the course visit the SVA website here.



What former students have to say about Illustration as Design as Illustration

Laura Joh Rowland I took Melanie's course and found it extremely valuable. She inspired all her students to do their best work, and she helped me begin creating a strong illustration portfolio. I highly recommend her course.

Isaac Haas I went into Melanie's class with the intention of incorporating illustration into my graphic design career. Inspired by her level of enthusiasm, her knowledge of figurative art and its history, and her warmth and generosity, I walked away determined to make illustration the focus of my career. Who knew I would be applying to graduate school a year later...Thanks, Melanie! And to anyone who wants to be inspired - look no further.

Camila Gray I highly recommend this course too. I learned a lot from it and Melanie is a great teacher, very patient and with great feedback for the students.

Juliana Wang It's a great class, helped me incorporate hand lettering into my work and I got some good portfolio pieces out of it. Melanie's super knowledgeable, she's always suggesting artists that would relate well to your work. and she really makes the effort to think up of new, fun and relevant projects. give it a go!

Kate Capone A lovely class and a lovely teacher!

Lorelei A. Land Melanie is truly awesome! I love her focused personal attention and interesting assignments. With Melanie's guidance, you can create a professional portfolio in a short amount of time. She has a way of bringing out the best in you.I saw this in my fellow students as well as myself.

Vivi Zhou I took some of the illustration courses in SVA and Melanie's course is absolutely my favorite. Melanie is a great teacher, patient, knowledgeable, caring, sharing, well-organized and fair to all students. She's always inspired me, even now. I learned a looot from her. If possible, I would like to take her course again!

Min Lee I took this Melanie's class 3 times. That's how much I love her class. She has alot of great assignments and when you get into it, you will get some great portfolio pieces. She always shows us great books which makes me to buy many times. You will get updated for any museum, gallery from her also. I never used Gouache and she showed how to use it. Now it is my FAVORITE medium to use when I do illustration. She is a wonderful teacher. This is really great class! Take it. Just do it. you won't be sorry. I even want to go back to her class, for 4th time!! :)

Lonnie Mann Melanie's such a lovely teacher. I took her Illustration as Design as Illustration class a couple years ago, and I found it to be completely worthwhile.

Tracey Middler Edelstein I loved Melanie's course. After taking it, I was inspired to continue studying illustration and completed a summer residency at SVA. What I loved most about the course, was how she helped us grow individually. The weekly assignments were interesting and relevant to the field. She inspired you to do your best work, as good teachers do.

Angel B. Lee Fantastic class + fantastic teacher = worth it. Melanie opened up a whole new world of illustration to me in an inspiring and unpretentious atmosphere. if I had the time and money, I'd take it again!

Michelle Johnson Groper Melanie's course is great, very useful in the real world and a good way to explore new possibilities!

Rieko Yamanaka Melanie's class has forever instilled in me a deep love and appreciation of hand-drawn illustration and type (plus dip pens, gouache, and museum visits!). She is a patient, generous, open-minded, and nurturing teacher. I also learned so much from my fellow classmates. Highly recommended!

Ilze Kalvane Illustration as Design as Illustration was my first art class ever. I always liked to draw, but never realised that I could be good at illustrating posters, labels, maps, stories and so much more this class offered. Instructor Melanie discovered my talent and inspired me to become an illustrator. I have moved to Latvia now. The illustration market is different here, but challenging to me, because i can use all the unique experience i obtained in this class!

Sarah Wedge Melanie is a lovely person and a caring teacher. Her class was inspiring and lead me to do things in illustration which I had never done before; widening my knowledge and portfolio.

Diana Toledano I took this class a couple of years back. It was my first step in the illustration world.... and now I'm a published illustrator! I learnt a lot, I met nice people and I had fun. Plus, Melanie is such a wonderful person!

Ralph Scarpato I really enjoyed Melanie's class. Gave me the opportunity to try things I may not have gotten around to on my own. I intend to put some of the work I produced in that class in my portfolio. And Melanie is a sweetheart. Recommended.

Joseph Gerard Melanie's class was a complete joy. I have her class to thank for inspiring me to jump into illustration, which later un-raveled into me being more creative on a regular basis. Her patient, attentive, and meaningful feedback really pushed my creative limits in a whole new direction.

Ayse Ozgunes She's an amazing person and an amazing teacher! She inspires you and encourages you in so many different levels that it works like a magic on you where you find your self creating wonderful things!!!

Saki Tanaki lovely class with fun assignments. melanie is also a great resource of art/illustration related exhibits, books, and other general knowledge.